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About Playbook

Playbook is the #1 classroom tool for music educators. Our online platform not only gets students ready for upcoming concerts, we get them ready for a lifetime of music making. Our team of Juilliard-trained and Grammy®-nominated mentors play along with students and provide instrument-specific training. Lessons start in class and are supplemented with at-home practice. More time at their instrument means stronger, more confident students, happy parents, and a more enjoyable band class for educators.

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Study with a world class mentor on your instrument

Every song has private instruction for your part.

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Customize your play-along

Our platform's unique Flex® Player lets you choose what instruments you do and don’t hear.

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Learn music like a language

You’ll babble, mimic, and soon speak fluently and effortlessly.

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Track progress.

Quizzes available on every course.

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