Why I built Playbook?

I built PLAYBOOK after a decade teaching in schools with my band. We worked with over 60,000 students in more than 350 schools. In each school I saw students and teachers set up to fail. They lacked resources. Class periods were not long enough. There were too many students in band class, at too many different skill levels. But I saw a way to fix the problem.

When teaching short residencies in K-12 band classes, I started implementing instrument-specific learning. This was how I learned at Juilliard. In this conservatory approach students learn from instrument-specific musical mentors. My highly skilled and charismatic bandmates were temporary mentors. Results came quickly. Students found excitement in learning. More importantly, they began to learn how to learn and started to sound good. The individual improvements were compounded when they performed as a band – it was incredible.

Since then, I have made it my mission to bring the highest level in mentorship to band rooms year-round. Playbook is the platform for achieving these goals. It is K-12 music education set up for success. It’s manageable and it’s fun.


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