Playbook Playlists : What Are Your Mentors Listening To?

When I get the chance to meet my favorite musicians in person for the first time, I ask them: what and who do you listen to? I want to know who they try to emulate. I want to discover the source of their sound. 

On Playin’ Around With Playbook, we ask our guests: What have you been listening to lately? With their answer, their sound concept and playing all seem to make sense. 

To follow after the Playbook mentors, their sound, and their inspiration, check out what they’ve been listening to and some of their all time favorites! 

Happy Listening! 

Trista Ford



Trumpet | Alphonso Horne

Saxophone | Ben Flocks

Guitar | Dr. Molly Miller

Piano | David Linard

Bass | Corbin Jones

Drums | Sammy Miller

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