Playbook x Seattle Jazz Ed Summer Camp

To close out the summer, Playbook Jazz spent time with the students of Seattle Jazz Ed at their Advanced Institute Summer Camp. Playbook Founder, Juilliard graduate and Grammy nominated mentor Sammy Miller started off with critical listening.

Why is critical listening important?

Critical listening allows you to understand where you are in the form. The most common forms include AABA, Blues Form, as well as understanding home and away when it comes to chord progressions. These progressions make each style and tune unique. Playbook identifies this as hot versus sweet sounds. This also allows students to learn songs by ear.

Why is it important to learn songs by ear?
Playbook chose two songs for the students to learn by ear, Limbo Jazz and Duke’s Place. Transcribing songs allows students to internalize all the components of a song; time, feel, forum and much more.

Playbook also took time to foster creativity in the students’ pursuit of joyful jazz by composing songs, such as an original blues riff. This set the stage for students to continue on in their musical journey, composing and improvising with the right set of tools.

Stay tuned for more Playbook In-Person updates! Our offerings for this program can be found here.

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