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In the past few years, we’ve seen the education world go digital. Long gone are the days of Pen and Paper, now replaced with Chromebooks and iPads. Classroom learning is supplemented with Apps and the binging of Tik Tok and Youtube.

The hand of any resistant music teachers was forced by COVID-19. The socially distanced learning of the pandemic pushed music teachers across the country to pivot their learning to meet the needs of students at home by themselves. More focus was placed on Music History and Listening. Students were empowered to become digital content creators, using DAWs or Apps like Acapella to recreate the feeling of live performance.

In many ways, this expansion of music education was long overdue. We strongly believe that a 3-dimensional approach to the music classroom is important. Learning more about the arrangement than what’s in your part builds better musicians and creators. Emphasizing Music History is a fantastic tool for placing our students within the context of the music and gives them a lens through which they can process their own experiences and music. Our goal with Playbook is to create a fun and expansive digital learning environment for educators and students alike.

That being said, the experience of shared performance is a vital tool for the growing musician as well. IN-PERSON learning continues to be a spark plug for inspiration. At Playbook, we want to do all that inspires students and educators.

Playbook is happy to announce our new “Playbook In-Person” services. Offering concerts and workshops for both students and educators, this program allows you to bring the Playbook mentors you see onto your screen to your school or district in real life.

Check out our offerings HERE.

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