Now Introducing: How to Swing, Holiday 101, Vocal Music.

Jazz Education isn’t just the standards you learn! It’s a language with many moving parts. That’s why we decided to create Playbook’s Music Is a Language Series, along with our newest Holiday 101 pack, How to Swing, and Vocal Music set. 

All alone? you can mute (m) your specific part and play-a-long with our big band from anywhere on earth. (Google Chrome as your internet browser from your desktop works best).

Missing musicians in your classroom? No problem! Mute the audio tracks you don’t need and let The Congregation fill in the remaining chairs. In fact, feel free to mess around with the volume of any and all tracks. You can hear the different elements of the band.

What about sheet music? We got you covered! Under FIND YOUR PART, each musician’s individual sheet music can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf.

Having trouble streaming the player? You can download the track with the blue button DOWNLOAD TRACK and listen offline anytime.


P.S. Always have fun. That’s what this stuff is all about!

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