The First Step to Locking in as a Rhythm Section

How do we focus on the rhythm section as a band director?
With Playbook’s Rhythm section course, your students can learn to lock in with one another as a rhythm section.
Let’s take a look at Part 1 of Rhythm Section 101, which hones in on the drum set. The sole role of a drummer is to support everyone else’s playing. They want to support the bass player, they want to support the piano player so that the section comes together and makes something that feels good. This boils down to one of our building blocks, GROOVE
The first place to start with the groove is the rhythm: where does our groove lock in with other members of the rhythm section? We can approach this by listening to each instrument individually. We need to find out where we lock in with the bass first and then the piano. Have we heard these rhythms before or are they different? 
Now that we know all three rhythms, we want to think about balance and the forum.
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