Now Introducing: Piano 101 by Playbook

Pianists can create music without any real technical challenges in the early stages. If you’ve never touched the piano in your life, no problem. With Piano 101, we will show you the fundamentals to get started and how to musically talk with one another to jam from the getco. You can create joyful jazz at any level! 
Dave is here to help you and your students make music on the piano from whatever stage they’re at! 
Dave Linard is a pianist on the Playbook team, and a graduate of Juilliard. He has performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, and is a long time member of Sammy Miller and the Congregation. Dave has also performed with SaRon Crenshaw, Wynton Marsalis, Wayne Tucker, Gracie and Rachel, and Nancy Harrow. To learn more about Dave and Playbook, take a listen to his feature on our podcast Playin’ Around With Playbook. 
Alongside our lively videos, comes Dave’s Piano Tip of the Day for each stage of Piano 101. Get your students excited about music and the early stages of piano with Playbook today!

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